Case study

ViGo bioenergy

Working to decarbonise the haulage sector

Vitol acquired ViGo bioenergy, a market leader in Germany for the supply of LNG and bioLNG to the heavy goods vehicles (HGV) sector, in September 2021. ViGo has 23 LNG filling stations in operation and is a significant supplier of LNG sold to HGVs, currently marketed under the LIQUIND brand name.

The HGV sector is one of the hardest to decarbonise, with electrification possibilities limited due to the range and payload requirements to operate vehicles profitably. Compared to diesel, LNG fuel can reduce GHG lifecycle emissions by 10% to 30% depending on supply chain efficiency, whilst bioLNG can more than offset all of GHG lifecycle emissions as we primarily source biomethane derived from animal waste, preventing methane emissions from naturally decomposing manure and supporting abatement of agricultural sector emissions at the same time.

ViGo continues to invest in new infrastructure to maintain its market leadership position and will build a pan-European network of over 100 stations in the next five years to complement our core trading business and mitigating fuel supply chain risk. The company is in the process of converting 100% of the LNG it supplies to ultra-low GHG bioLNG, which is the most viable solution to decarbonise the haulage sector.