Our people

Our people are our business. They are a key differentiating factor that drives our success. It is their ideas, dedication and the way they work together, day in and day out that makes a difference.
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Vitol’s culture is integral to the business and, we believe, a positive differentiator

The origins of our culture go back over 55 years to the founders and their combination of entrepreneurship, determination to succeed, integrity, hard work and humility. As Vitol has grown, its leadership has worked hard to preserve and evolve the elements it believes to be both the foundations of a successful business and conducive to a friendly and constructive working environment.

Our behaviours and our flat organisational structure facilitate an entrepreneurial and collaborative ethos, where people are focused on delivering results efficiently and safely in a positive, enabling environment.

Our limited hierarchy also enables the leadership team to have a good understanding of who our people are, how they work, as well as what they achieve.

"Our culture characterises the way we work, creates an optimal working environment and underpins our success. It is owned and lived by the board."
Calum Forrest, Chief of Staff and Global Head of HR
Vitol at work

Diversity is good for business: A team of 60+ nationalities

Our colleagues comprise people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and insights, which in turn contributes to improved decision making as well as more robust and sustainable business practices and relationships.

To succeed Vitol needs the best people and these are to be found only by searching across the full breadth of race, religion, gender, age and sexual orientation. Vitol is building a diverse workforce for the future, by attracting diverse talent at entry-level and developing that talent with a view to achieving greater diversity among our senior leadership in time.

The best talent

We seek to ensure that we attract and retain the best talent and have adopted the following relevant policies:

  • Diverse candidate lists
  • Partnerships with diversity focused companies and institutions
  • Targeted university outreach programme
  • Encouraging employees
Finally, and most importantly, colleagues must feel they operate in an inclusive environment that encourages and supports difference.