As a displacement fuel, gas will be a key part of the energy transition.

Our transitional energy offering is integrated across both our trading and investment portfolios

The intermittent nature of wind and solar requires a complementary source of power generation to ensure the reliable supply of power. Our transitional offering is integrated into our broader business, offering industrial and utility customers comprehensive supply and offtake options, alongside the opportunity to leverage our expertise in areas such as offsetting through the application of high-quality carbon credits.

LNG traded each year
LPG traded each year
Natural gas delivered each year


Vitol has been at the forefront of the LNG market for over 15 years, and was the first to trade the product.


Trading LPG worldwide, Vitol has a presence from wellhead to customer.

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Pipeline gas

A leading participant in the two largest traded markets, North America and Europe, with circa 1,600TWh delivered sales per annum. Our gas trading offering is integrated across our business, from LNG to carbon offsetting.


We anticipate a growing market share for biogas as a sustainable alternative to natural gas and are investing through the value-chain, from production to consumer.