Developing and investing in a range of solar, battery storage and wind solutions to support the energy transition.

We have an expanding portfolio of renewable generation investments in the Americas, Asia and Europe

Renewables play an increasingly important role in the energy mix. They have reached an efficiency and scale where they can be used commercially, both in localised and large-scale grid projects.

Over time, our growing portfolio of projects will be well placed to meet the needs of the energy transition.

Solar and wind generation
Battery storage

We develop renewable projects from greenfield to ready-to-build solar, wind and battery storage. Through these projects we provide reliable power to our commercial and industrial clients and utilities.

We use our trading expertise to offer bespoke proprietary hedging structures that only Vitol is able to offer like the Revenue Guarantee Agreement, or RGA, a trading instrument that guarantees a project receives a fixed amount of revenue per month, whether the wind blows or the sun shines and eliminates the basis risk for the project.

Invested in:

  • - Solar & battery storage
  • - Wind
  • - Key renewable technology

“We’re investing because we strongly believe that battery storage is a key part of the renewables solution.”

Andrew De Pass

Head of renewables and sustainable investments, Americas

Interview with Andrew De Pass, head of renewables and sustainable investments, Americas

Climate change is real, I enjoy being actively part of the solution, and not only that, but at an oil and gas company. Facilitating change from within the energy ecosystem and taking a considered and holistic approach is where my work can have significant impact.
Renewables, that’s wind, solar and battery storage, generate power which reduces emissions and greens up power generation away from coal. And in time from other thermal power sources.

Vitol’s role is as a developer of renewable projects from greenfield through to ready-to-build solar, wind and battery. We prefer to build and own so that we can use our network to contract the power for commercial and industrial customers as well as utilities and work with our trading arm to optimise our investments.
Renewables, while green are not perfect – one challenge is intermittency – you only generate power when the sun shines or the wind blows and that’s not always when you need the power. That’s why solar renewables are evolving to include storage solutions like battery to even up the load.
We’re very pleased to have recently acquired a large standalone battery project in New England which we’ll be building, owning and operating through our wholly-owned company, VC Renewables.

We’re investing because we strongly believe that battery storage is a key part of the renewables solution.

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