Sustainable energy solutions

We are determined to remain at the forefront of the world’s energy markets, and to be an active participant in the energy transition.

Vitol is committed to building an energy business for the future

Sustainable energy solutions illustration
$2.2 billion
committed to renewables
1.2 GW
operational generation capacity
continents operating across

Our sustainable solutions leverage our financial strength and market expertise to build integrated sustainable energy solutions for our customers and our business worldwide. Using our leading market position and energy infrastructure to support the development of nascent energy solutions enabling scale and commercialisation.



1.2 GW solar and wind generation.


10+ years developing high quality offset projects.

Carbon capture and storage

Developing leading industrial decarbonisation project.

EV charging


Enabling the electrification of vehicle fleets. Our EV company VEV  are experts in designing and delivering scaled enterprise fleet solutions.



Building integrated solutions.



Investing in blue and green hydrogen.

Business solutions


Deploying our financial strength and strong balance sheet to facilitate financing solutions

Supply / offtake

Providing stability and certainty to customers by managing market volatility on their behalf

Distribution networks

Enabling our partners and customers to benefit from our extensive and expert access to energy markets

Bespoke solutions

Leveraging our expertise, market reach and flexibility to deliver bespoke solutions to our customers

SUN Mobility

Vitol invested in SUN Mobility in 2021 and as of today, SUN Mobility has successfully deployed a network of over 160 Swap Points catering to roughly 5,000 electric vehicles across 18 cities in India.

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VG Mobility

VG Mobility is a Vitol subsidiary offering turnkey electrification solutions for fleets.

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Mekong water project

The Mekong Project provides portable water to rural communities along the Mekong River Delta, offering a climate-friendly solution and helping to avoid preventable illnesses in the community.

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Vitol in focus

Justine Ryan, Renewables, London

The evolving renewables landscape
Watch our interview with Justine Ryan speaking about renewables in Europe
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