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Developing innovative storage solutions for renewable power

Vitol has become an anchor investor as part of FlexGen’s latest $100 million Series C investment round.

With a total of 1.2 GW of operational renewable generation capacity across wind and solar projects in the US, Europe, and Asia, we continue to look for projects where our capital, expertise and market understanding can add value.

Critical technology will underpin the rollout of renewables globally. As electricity generation from wind and solar power is intermittent, sophisticated storage mechanisms will be critical in ensuring consumers have stable and reliable access to power, even as the proportion of generation from renewable resources increases.

Vitol has become an anchor investor in FlexGen, a leading integration services and software technology provider for energy storage solutions globally. FlexGen’s energy management software platform, HybridOS, allows energy storage owners to deploy various market strategies and combine storage solutions with any form of power generation. The integration of energy storage requires software and technological solutions that play a critical role in the adoption of renewables at scale — counteracting the intermittency and reliability challenges that renewable power generation creates for the grid and enabling decarbonisation ambitions.