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VTTI announces plan to build a new oil product terminal and make Cyprus a regional oil trading hub

Vitol Tank Terminals International (“VTTI”), today announced plans to build a major oil import and distribution terminal in the industrial area of Vassiliko, Cyprus.

The terminal, which is set for completion in 2012, marks an initial investment of more than €100 million in the Cyprus economy and will establish the island as a major oil trading hub in the region.

Built to world class standards, with the highest safety and environmental standards in place, it will be 100% owned, funded and operated by VTTI and will provide around 340,000 cubic metres of storage for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and fuel oil.

VTTI has extensive experience of building and managing oil terminals, with a network of 11 terminals in five continents, including a major new terminal in Florida, USA, which opened in April 2010. In Europe, VTTI has major terminals in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Ventspils, Latvia.

Speaking about the new Vassiliko terminal, CEO of the Vitol Group Ian Taylor said: “We are pleased to be proceeding with this project. This is an important project for Cyprus. While global trading conditions remain challenging, a world class terminal built and operated in a professional way, will provide jobs and potential for long term investment. The terminal will play an important part in supplying regional markets to meet growing energy demand, as well as supplying the local market in Cyprus.

“VTTI has been evaluating a number of countries before deciding where to invest for an Oil Terminal. Cyprus’ geographical location and its membership of the EU, is the right place for this project and we look forward to developing our business here. We would like to thank the President of the Republic and the Government of Cyprus, for their continuous support for this project”.

Work is scheduled to start on the Vassiliko facility in the next few months. In addition to storage tanks, a jetty will be constructed to handle seagoing vessels.

Oil products will arrive at the new terminal from the international oil markets and current plans for the terminal are focused on re-exporting to regional markets, as well as supplying the inland market in Cyprus.

VTTI has a proven track record in the successful operation of terminals and the company has already made it clear that it intends to make a number of investments in key local projects to provide additional benefits for the community.

Notes to editors

About VTTI:

VTTI, effectively a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vitol Holding B.V. (“Vitol”), is a company incorporated in the Netherlands. The current issued and outstanding share capital of VTTI consists of fifty thousand (50,000) shares each with a nominal value of one euro (“€”). VTTI owns and operates a network of petroleum products terminals with a gross combined capacity of nearly 6 million cubic metres, which is set to expand to nearly 7 million cubic metres by 2013. With interests spanning over 11 countries and 5 continents, VTTI is one of the top ten independent tank terminal operators in the world. Major terminals are located in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Fujairah in the UAE and Port Canaveral, Florida, USA. On 17 May 2010, MISC Berhad (“MISC”), through its subsidiary MTTI Sdn. Bhd. (MTTI) entered into a conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) with Martank B.V. (“Martank”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vitol, for the proposed acquisition of 50% of the entire issued share capital of VTTI (“the Acquisition”). The completion of the Acquisition is pending the necessary regulatory approvals. Upon completion of the SPA, MTTI, Martank and VTTI will enter into a shareholders’ agreement to reflect the long-term relationship and strategic cooperation between MTTI and Martank in relation to their interest in VTTI.

About Vitol:

The Vitol Group was founded in 1966 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since then the company has grown significantly, to become a major participant in world energy markets and is now the world’s largest independent energy trader.

Its trading portfolio includes crude oil, oil products, LNG, natural gas, coal, power and carbon emissions. Vitol trades with all the major national oil companies, the integrated oil majors and the independent refiners and traders. Globally Vitol trades over 5.5 million barrels of crude oil and products per day. It has been doing business in Africa for more than 40 years.

In addition to its trading business, and its 50% share in the storage and terminals business, Vitol Tank Terminals International, with 11 terminals on 5 continents, Vitol has an exploration and production business which includes interests in Ghana, Cameroon, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan. It also currently owns and operates over 100kbd in refining assets closely linked with its tankage facilities in Fujairah and Antwerp, in addition to term refining arrangements at multiple third party refineries worldwide.

Further details on the Vitol Group can be found at and on VTTI at

About MISC:

MISC is a world leading international maritime corporation and one of the top five shipping companies in the world by market capitalisation. The company provides energy transportation solutions to customers in the LNG, petroleum and chemical industry. MISC owns and operates more than 100 vessels with a combined tonnage of more than eight million deadweight tonnes, trading in various corners of the globe. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary AET, MISC is also the world’s largest owner-operator of Aframax tankers, counting among its customers leading oil majors.

Further details on the MISC Group can be found at


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