VITOL S.A. buys 8.5 million CERs from Kyoto Energy

Vitol SA, part of the Vitol Group of Companies, announced today that it has purchased 8.5 million Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from Kyoto Energy Pte Ltd (“KYOTOenergy”), a global developer of Clean Development Mechanism projects .
Under the terms of the transaction, futures contracts were signed for the delivery of CER’s originated from a portfolio of hydropower and wind projects located in Vietnam and Laos.

About KYOTOenergy
KYOTOenergy is a carbon asset manager and consultant active mainly in Indochina, South East Asia and Central America.  It has to date registered 17 projects with the CDM Executive Board in six countries and has over 100 projects in its pipeline. Further information at

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