Refueling with LNG

Case studies | Gas | Dec 10th 2022

ViGo Bioenergy

Vitol acquired ViGo Bioenergy (“ViGo”, previously: Liquind 24/7) in September 2021. ViGo is a market leader in Germany for supplying fossil LNG and bioLNG to the heavy goods vehicles (“HGV”) sector, with 23 LNG filling stations in operation and a >25% market share of LNG sold to HGVs. It aims to maintain its market leadership position by growing its portfolio by 70+ stations over the next five years.

As part of its five-year strategy, ViGo aims to convert its 100% of the LNG it supplies to bioLNG from sustainable sources, such as food waste and animal manure, to lead the decarbonisation of HGVs on the road in Germany and more broadly in Europe. The HGV sector is one of the hardest to decarbonise, with electrification possibilities limited due to the range and payload requirements to operate HGVs profitably. BioLNG as a clean fuel offers a solution today to make the sector carbon-neutral.

Investing in ViGo is aligned with Vitol’s core strategy of investing in assets which complement the core business of trading and risk management along the fuel supply chain.

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