Mekong River

Case studies | General | Nov 22nd 2022

Mekong water project

The Mekong Project is a community-focused water purifying project along the Mekong River Delta, offering a climate-friendly solution for drinking water and helping to avoid preventable illnesses in the region.

12 million tonnes CO2e emissions avoided over 10 years

600,000 water purifiers distributed to local communities

2.7 million people benefit from access to cleaner water

The Mekong project is a community-focused water purifying project in Vietnam. It offers an emissions-reducing solution to unclean drinking water and helps avoid preventable illnesses in the community.

The project distributes ISO-certified water purifiers to more than 2.7 million people within 600,000 households along the Mekong. This means they do not need to burn firewood and boil water in order to consume it, reducing household air pollution, carbon emissions and regional deforestation. Over a 10-year period, the project will avoid over 12 million tonnes of CO2e emissions.

In rural Vietnam, around 71% of households generate drinking water by boiling it. Our purifiers use ceramic filters to create clean water, filtering between 2-3 litres of liquid an hour. The technology provides an affordable, carbon neutral solution and supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, the human right to safe water and sanitation.

Made in Hanoi, the water purifiers are hand delivered and installed in each household by the Vietnam’s Women’s Union.

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