Improper use of Vitol name – Vitol Capital Ltd

The Vitol Group is in no way affiliated or connected with ” Vitol Capital Ltd ” or ” Vitol Capital Inc” or ” Vitol Capital Management Ltd” or any individuals involved with their website (, or other variations) soliciting customers to purchase commodity futures and options contracts. The Vitol Group has not authorised the use of the Vitol name or trademark by this entity or by any individuals who might be associated with it.

The Vitol Group does include a company by the name of Vitol Capital Management Ltd, a non-clearing member of the New York Mercantile Exchange. However, neither Vitol Capital Management Ltd nor any other member company of the Vitol Group solicits or accepts investments from private individuals or concerns. No employee or member of the Vitol Group engages in telephone solicitations to the general public with respect to investments of any sort.

The Vitol Group advises all people who receive communications from Vitol Capital Ltd or Vitol Capital Inc or anyone purporting to sell to the general public using the Vitol name to contact their local government authorities in charge of regulation of investments. In Australia, persons who receive communications or contact from or on behalf of ” Vitol Capital Ltd ” or ” Vitol Capital Inc” or ” Vitol Capital Management Ltd” should contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( In the United States, contact The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (

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