Vitol Aviation refuelled a rare migrant visitor yesterday, when an Antonov An-225 operated by Antonov Airlines was refuelled at Sal Island, in the Cape Verde Islands. The An-225 is the largest commercial airplane flying today and was originally designed for the Russian space program to carry the Buran space shuttle.  It is now operated as a specialised cargo plane, operating on flights where very heavy or outsized cargoes need to be transported. The aircraft is big in every dimension weighing 640 mt, with a wingspan of 88.4 meters and having 6 engines (3 engines either side) and a total length of 84 meters.

Vitol Aviation operate to the latest international JIG refuelling standards throughout their network of international airports and were pleased to refuel the aircraft with more than 270,000 litres, which is equivalent to twice as much as a B747-4 uplifts on its longest haul flights or 5,400 family sized cars filling up at one time.

Vitol Aviation currently offers jet fuel into wing at 45 airport locations globally in Europe, the United States and across a growing African network including airports in Senegal, Kenya, Morocco, Cape Verde Islands, Mauritius and Cote-D’Ivoire.

For enquiries regarding into wing sales of jet fuel please contact:
Rupert Hone, Vitol Aviation
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