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Airport code:


Hydrant system:

Liege Airport

Airport storage:

Liege Airport

Into-plane service:

Liege Airport

Operating hours:

24 hours

Contact company:

Liege Airport

Primary contact:

Marc Vanni
Mobile: +32 42348448

Vitol aviation contact:

Meredith Montgomery
Mobile: +44 7786063675

Airport fees:

i) Pipeline fee 0.87 Euro/m3 as of 1st June 2012
ii) Airport throughput fee for uplifts >2,000 litres 12.50 Euro/m3 or 25.50 Euro per operation for uplifts less than 2,000 litres as of 1st June 2012.
iii) Defuelling fee of 30.00 Euros/m3
iv) CSO Apetra 3.62 Euro/m3 as of 1st January 2016 (changes quarterly)
v) Duty Private Flights 567.92 Eur/m3
vi) VAT Private Flights 21%