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Airport code:


Hydrant system:

Hydranten-Betriebs-Gesellschaft - HBG

Airport storage:


Into-plane service:

Frankfurt Fuelling Services (FFS)

Operating hours:

24 hours

Contact company:


Primary contact:

Ralph Werner
Office: +49 69 695007-40

Vitol aviation contact:

Rupert Hone
Office: +41 79 72 02 180

Airport fees:

i) Into plane Infrastructure Fee line item currently 0.10 Euro/m3
ii) HBG storage and Hydrant Fee line item is currently 5.20 Euro/m3 as of 1st January 2016
iii) CSO/EBV line item, currently 2.85 Euro/m3
iv) Hook up fee
v) Small uplift fee
vi) De-fuelling line item currently 350.00 Euro/m3
vii) Hanger operations line item currently 50.00 Euro per operation
viii) Fees for provision of an additional refueller, should double refuelling be required, to be charged as agreed between the parties

GA Apron fees applicable for uplifts on the GA apron at FRA
ix) Service Charge General Aviation apron 150.00 Euro/operation
x) Mineral Oil Tax of 623.80 Euro/m3 is charged on all private flights
xi) VAT of 21% is applicable to all private flights