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Our customers and their requirements are as diverse as the world in which we live. Our 1300+ colleagues comprise over 60 nationalities located in 40 offices worldwide. We have regional hubs in Bahrain, Geneva, Houston, London, Moscow, Rotterdam and Singapore and are invested in energy infrastructure across six continents.

The Americas

Vitol has a long-established presence across the Americas. From our main office in Houston, we manage trade flows within and to and from the continent, using our extensive network of storage and infrastructure to optimise the flow of crude oil and petroleum products. We are also a major participant in other key markets, including power and gas.


From a number of key locations around Europe, our European operations work closely with offices worldwide, supplying crude and products to European refineries, industrials and retail networks. As well as a significant physical presence in key energy hubs within the region, we are invested in three European refineries and a diverse portfolio of storage assets. We also supply Europe’s power sector and are actively involved in regional LNG, gas and power markets.

Middle East

With a history of working closely with national oil companies (NOCs) across the region, Vitol also has the only independent, long-standing refinery in Fujairah. We serve both regional and long haul markets, including Africa, and our global network enables us to help balance Middle Eastern incremental production across the regional refining system.


We have a growing footprint in Africa. We work closely with NOCs across the continent to help them optimise the value of their crude oil and to provide an efficient and reliable supply of key products to these growing markets. In addition, we are investing in infrastructure and have a growing downstream platform, with more than 2,800 service stations and over one million cubic metres of storage across 23 countries in Africa, as well as a unique gas-to-power project in Ghana, in collaboration with Eni, the World Bank and GNPC.

Asia Pacific

From our network of offices, we serve the energy needs of customers across the region. Our global trading network enables us to source the optimal feeds tocks for the region’s refiners, serve the needs of industrial companies and ensure the timely delivery of petroleum products to growing consumer markets. We are also invested in the Geelong refinery and the second largest downstream business in Australia, with over 920 service stations.

Worldwide location

We understand that every market is different and that our customers and their requirements are as diverse as the world in which we live. With 40 offices worldwide our colleagues comprise over 60 nationalities giving us a diversity of thinking which we believe translates into a greater understanding of our customers and enabling us to make better and more informed decisions.

Our office addresses can be found on the contact page.

Global oil movement

The mismatch in many regions between demand and supply generates the need to move crude oil and oil products inter-regionally creating trading opportunities around the world.