Methanol is a highly versatile commodity for which demand is growing rapidly. Its compounds find use in both energy and petrochemical applications.

In the energy sector, the market for methanol is expanding as methanol is used in transportation fuels such as MTBE, biodiesel and gasoline blending. Through DME (dimethyl ether), methanol can be used as an LPG substitute and is replacing higher cost feedstock such as naphtha to produce olefins.

In the traditional petrochemical sector, methanol derivatives are used in a range of products from adhesives to paints and polyester.

Vitol has been a major participant in the global methanol market since 1989. Today we serve customers worldwide from our hubs in Bahrain, Beijing, Houston, London, Rotterdam and Singapore, managing long-term supply and offtake relationships with producers and consumers. Our global network not only ensures security of supply but, when combined with our logistical expertise and capabilities, including our strategically located storage capacity, enables us to serve a wide range of users with differing requirements.