Over 7.4 million tonnes of LNG delivered in 2017
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas, cooled to minus 161°C until it becomes a liquid. It is stored under atmospheric pressure and reduced in volume by the ratio of 1:600. As a liquid, natural gas is easier and less costly to transport, particularly where access to pipelines is not available. Once regasified at its destination, it serves the same purposes as natural gas, such as a consumer fuel for heating, cooking or electricity generation.

We have been active within the LNG sector since 2005, serving customers across five continents and delivering 7.4 million tonnes worldwide in 2017. We are the most experienced independent trader of LNG offering customers unique expertise in managing and scheduling physical gas movements, as well as bringing a comprehensive understanding of the worldwide LNG market. We can offer spot, short or longer term arrangements. We have a long history of building partnerships through co-investment in energy infrastructure and bespoke pre-financing solutions. Our LNG team and delivery networks are global. We use a fleet of LNG ships on time charter and spot charter, plus physical gas storage in six European countries and access to major pipelines within the US and Canada. We also have the capability to conduct ship-to-ship LNG cargo transfers.

Our LNG business is fully integrated within our global natural gas trading infrastructure, including our UK based 1.2Gw gas power plant at Immingham, allowing us to anticipate and adapt to market movements, to absorb LNG cargoes in a short duration and to respond to our customers’ ever evolving needs.

Delivering LNG around the world

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We understand that every market is different and that our customers and their requirements are as diverse as the world in which we live. With 40 offices worldwide our colleagues comprise over 60 nationalities...