Iron ore

17 years is the average lifespan for steel before it is recycled

Iron ore is the core component of steel, which is used in many forms of modern construction. Steel can be recycled – on average it takes 17 years for a piece of steel to be reused – so demand is proportionately much higher in countries which are industrialising. Today, China produces half of the world’s steel, some two million tonnes per day. It imports 80 million tonnes of iron ore a month and accounts for two thirds of seaborne demand.

On the supply side, Australia is the largest exporter of iron ore with 2015 exports of 760 million tonnes. Brazil exported 365 million tonnes, together these two countries accounted for over 90% of total seaborne exports in 2015.

We have iron ore teams in China, Europe and Singapore. In a market dominated by a handful of large producing companies, we seek to deliver value to our customers and enable quality execution through flexible and innovative trade structures. We handle a large range of grades and products: from 52% to 65% Fe (fines,lumps, SF, concentrates).

The business is founded on our core skills of shipping and distribution and we seek to build long-term partnerships with miners and manufacturers worldwide. We work with smaller producers who can benefit most from our bespoke trade structure as well as from a dry bulk shipping fleet that ranges in size from handysize to capesize. We also assist end user customers in sourcing a wide range of grades, including new ores which we have brought to market in recent years.

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