We trade over 775,000 barrels of gasoline every day, more 1.25 times India's daily demand
Gasoline continues to fuel most of the world’s car fleet; it is made by blending a number of refined products with this blend varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, depending on local requirements.

We supply customers worldwide with the fuel specification appropriate for their region. We have a range of logistical assets from gasoline tankers to a network of owned or leased storage capacity in strategic locations, enabling our customers to benefit from operational flexibility. We work with refiners, state-owned oil companies, marketers and distributers across the globe while also operating in a growing number of markets across Asia, Africa and South America.

In the world’s biggest gasoline market, the US, we are a significant and long-standing commercial supplier and wholesale distributor of refined petroleum products. Formerly trading under Vitol Petro, our network predominantly serves the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent and Northern Midwest regions, offering varied pricing options and numerous supply alternatives. We distribute refined product trucks from strategically located storage with access to Colonial Pipeline, Magellan Pipeline, Explorer Pipeline, Plantation Pipeline and NuStar Energy Pipeline and have delivery capacity at 40 rack locations. Our product lines include unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel.

Across the US, Vitol sells the below refined products at fuel terminals throughout Texas, the Gulf Coast, and Mid-Continent. To find out if we offer products in your area, please see our terminal map below.

  • Ultra low sulfur #2 diesel
  • Unleaded gasoline
  • Mid-grade gasoline
  • Premium gasoline

For more information about Vitol contact your local representative.

Worldwide location

We understand that every market is different and that our customers and their requirements are as diverse as the world in which we live. With 40 offices worldwide our colleagues comprise over 60 nationalities...