16 million tonnes of coal sales in 2017
Coal, a sedimentary rock composed mainly of carbon, is used to produce electricity or heat through combustion. It currently meets nearly a third of the world’s energy needs and produces approximately 40% of global electricity. Coke, a fuel usually derived from coal is used for smelting iron ore during steel manufacturing.

We entered into the coal market in 2006 and today we deliver around 15 million tonnes each year to customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas. We trade, are involved in production and have long-term supply contracts with mining companies in the US, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and Russia.

With such a diverse supply base we can meet a wide range of customer requirements in terms of specific origins and grades, for both steam coal and anthracite. Our logistics network uses a dedicated fleet of dry bulk vessels operated on time charter. We are investing in the development of port and loading facilities serving the key coal trading routes, most notably through our 35% shareholding in Matola Coal terminal in Maputo, Mozambique.

In addition, we have long-term capacity rights in several other port or terminal facilities.

Vitol has established relationships across the globe



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