Vitol has bitumen trading hubs in Geneva, Houston, London and Singapore as well as a dedicated bitumen refinery in Antwerp which can produce penetration grades from 10-220 as well as US, Asian and South American Grades.

Bitumen is one of the heaviest products produced from crude distillation and is used primarily in road paving and industrial applications such as roofing and water proofing. Vitol supplies most grades of bitumen according to client requirements and can handle parcel sizes from 20 metric tons trucks to 34,000 metric tons cargoes.

Due to the high viscosity of bitumen it needs to be transported at high temperatures, typically between 130-180C. Vitol has a fleet of specialised bitumen vessels capable of delivering volumes ranging from 7,000 metric tons to 34,000 metric tons, some of which have been built to our exact specifications, others on long-term charter. The latest addition to the fleet was the 37kt SDWT Asphalt Synergy, which was delivered in January 2018. We are continuously updating our fleet to support our broadening presence in bitumen markets.

Vitol supplies bitumen to an international client base, connecting high quality production facilities to relevant import markets around the globe. In the recent past we have moved bitumen cargoes from the US to Qatar, Belgium to New Zealand and Turkey to China.

NameSDWTFlag/ ClassYard/ LocationBuilt/ Conv Yr
Asphalt Splendor36,962Marshall Islands/ BVAvic Dingheng/ China2015
Asphalt Synergy36, 950Marshall Islands/ BVAvic Dingheng/ China2018
Asphalt Spirit14, 484Marshall Islands/ BVSedef/ Turkey2012
Feng Huang Ao12,799Hong Kong/ BVQing Shan/ China2016
Asphalt Carrier9,230Marshall Islands/ BVKraljevica / Croatia2010
Asphalt Transporter9,221Cyprus/ BVKraljevica / Croatia2008
Asphalt Sailor9,215Marshall Islands/ BVKraljevica / Croatia2006
Asphalt Seminole8,999Marshall Islands/ BVKraljevica / Croatia2005