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Arq Fuel™ is derived from coal waste. As such, its supply source is secure and the impact of its manufacture on the environment is positive. The patented Arq process produces a low sulphur, 99% hydrocarbon product which can be blended with conventional fuel and potentially with crude oil. When blended into fuel, Arq Fuel™ is stable, with conventional combustion characteristics.

In July 2018, Vitol partnered with Arq to be the exclusive global marketer and distributor of Arq Fuel™. By leveraging our extensive global market coverage and our ability to develop and manage supply chains, we will seek to ship Arq Fuel™ to optimal markets. Vitol customers may access this innovative new fuel component which has the potential to materially improve their competitiveness.

For further information please contact your local Vitol representative:

London +44 20 7973 4200

Asia +65 6737 9922

Middle East +973 172 18855

Houston +1 713 230 1000