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6,843 ship voyages in 2018
Logistics and distribution are at the core of the business; shipping raw materials to where they can be refined or processed and then used, or transported to areas where there is a deficit.

For oil, this means shipping crude in large tankers to refineries, and then shipping the refined product to where it is consumed.

Vitol both owns and charters ships to deliver crude oil and oil products, as well as coal, bitumen, chemicals and pressurised gas. At any one time we have 250 ships at sea and in 2019 chartered 6,962 ship journeys.

Vitol is the largest spot charterer in the world and manages a fleet of around 100 time-charter vessels, mostly through its subsidiary Mansel.


Mansel is the commercial tanker shipping arm of the Vitol Group. With 24hr global coverage and a presence in six key shipping locations: Singapore, Bahrain, Geneva, London, Bermuda and Houston, our highly experienced professionals manage one of the world’s largest commercial shipping fleets, moving a wide portfolio of cargoes -from crude oil and its products to vegetable oil. Mansel takes its responsibilities as a manager of vessels extremely seriously. It operates modern vessels built to high international standards and ‘oil major’ acceptability, and aims to work only with best-in-class professionals.

Worldwide location

We understand that every market is different and that our customers and their requirements are as diverse as the world in which we live. With 40 offices worldwide our colleagues comprise over 60 nationalities...

Global oil movement

The mismatch in many regions between demand and supply generates the need to move crude oil and oil products inter-regionally creating trading opportunities around the world.