Vitol owned company VGMobility and Consorcio Express, the largest provider of public transport services in Bogotá, have agreed to electrify 1,056 buses by 2030.

VGMobility has a proven track record of delivering the end-to-end electrification of bus fleets in the Americas, including 400+ buses in Colombia currently in operation, 40+ in Chile and two terminals.

This strategic alliance with Consorcio Express will enable the citizens of Bogota to benefit from new, clean and efficient vehicles. Some of Bogota’s most famous routes will be electrified, including “Seventh Avenue” and the ones serving the BRT station “20 de Julio”, among others, reducing both air and noise pollution.

Furthermore, this partnership is consistent with the Colombian government’s energy transition strategy.

“Electrifying urban bus fleets makes a real, immediate and positive impact on urban communities. At the same time, the challenges of fleet electrification can seem overwhelming. For this reason, we’ve built a comprehensive end-to-end solution that enables municipalities and operators to make this critical strategic move, without assuming additional operational or financial risks.” Said Andrés Jaramillo, CEO of VGMobility.

Fernando Rojas Rojas, General Manager of Consorcio Express said that: “We are pleased with this alliance because it allows us to realize the best fleet renewal scenario for Bogotá, Consorcio Express maintains its objective of providing the best service and in the best conditions of safety and quality for our users. We continue to contribute Bogota’s clean public transport system with more electric buses.”

“Electrification of fleet transportation is a key component of the energy transition if, collectively, we are going to reach our decarbonization goals. This partnership between VGMobility and Consorcio Express to electrify Bogotá’s municipal bus fleet will help to meet such important goals”, said R. Andrew de Pass, Head of Renewable and Sustainable Investments at Vitol Inc.