Renewable energy at a fixed price

Block Power Purchasing Agreement (BPPA)

For end users, such as corporates, we are now offering a risk-free, consistently priced supply of sustainable power.

The BPPA ensures consumers can secure a firm supply of renewable power, at a fixed price, eliminating traditional risks such as intermittent generation and exposure to market volatility, helping customers such as corporates participate in the energy transition.

“Reducing the barriers to consume renewables is key to addressing the challenges of achieving corporate sustainability and compliance objectives.  We have deployed our trading expertise and strong balance sheet to transfer risk away from producers and consumers, effectively becoming a crucial life-cycle participant of the energy transition in an increasing volatile environment.  Vitol plans to expand on our success in the Americas to provide these innovative products to renewable energy producers and consumers across the globe.” said Eric Winter, Environmental Products and Energy Transition Solutions at Vitol.

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