Vitol has successfully completed its first biofuel deliveries in Fujairah, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to sustainable fuel solutions.

Through its wholly-owned bunker arm, Vitol Bunkers, two vessels received B24 VLSFO on December 8th and 14th.

The fuel was sourced from its Fujairah-based refinery FRL and blended with regionally-sourced biofuel at VTTI storage facilities.

Certified biofuels are expected to play a key role in helping the hard-to-abate maritime sector to decarbonise and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a well-to-wake basis, can actively reduce a vessel’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), and count as a zero CO2 emissions factor once shipping joins the EU’s Emissions Trading System [ETS] in 2024.

The deliveries coincided with COP28.  Vitol Bunkers thanks the port of Fujairah and the government of the UAE for their progressive sustainable policies that enabled the delivery to take place.