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London Heathrow

London Heathrow

Airport code:


Hydrant system:


Airport storage:


Into-plane service:

Swissport Fuelling Services

Operating hours:

24 hours

Contact company:

Swissport Fuelling Services

Primary contact:

Keith Bradbury
Mobile: +44 (0) 7712 854975

Secondary contact:

Office: 0208 562 3197

Vitol aviation contact:

Rupert Hone
Office: +41 797202180

Airport fees:

i) HHOpCo Throughput Fee 0.0944 GB Pence/litre as of 01st January 2016
ii) HAL Rental Fee currently 0.1052 GB Pence/litre as of 01st January 2016
iii) HAFCO Fee currently 0.1372 GB Pence/Litre as of 01st January 2016
iv) VAT on Private and Domestic flights:-
v) 0 - 2,300 litres---------------5.0%
Over 2,300 litres-----------20%
vi) Defuelling is not part of our Standard ITP service at LHR
vii) Hanger operations line item currently 50.00 GBP/m3
viii) Fees for provision of an additional refueller, should double refuelling be required, to be charged as agreed between the parties