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Boa Vista

Boa Vista

Airport code:


Hydrant system:

N/A (Bowser)

Airport storage:

Industry JV

Into-plane service:

Vivo Energy Cape Verde

Operating hours:

0800 - 1800

Contact company:

Vivo Energy Cape Verde

Primary contact:

João Carlos Silva
Office: +238-2307632
Mobile: +238-9767938

Secondary contact:

Rui Soares
Office: +238 997 2558
Mobile: + 238 985 4121

Vitol aviation contact:

Rupert Hone
Office: +41797202180

Airport fees:

i) Airfield Fee 7.52 .00 CVE/HL (approx. 9.6 CHL)
ii) For the first daily flight from 07:00 am is 990 CVE
iii) For daily flights, after 1st one, from 07:00 am until 07:00 pm is 588 CVE
iv) For the first night flight from 07:00 pm until 07:00 AM is 1290 CVE
v) For night flights after 1st one from 07:00 pm until 07:00 am is 888 CVE
vi) A VAT is applied only for domestic flights, and it is 10% of the pricing formula on the top