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Airport code:


Hydrant system:

Industry Joint Venture

Airport storage:

Industry Joint Venture

Into-plane service:

Vivo Energy Ghana

Operating hours:

06:00am to 23:00pm

Contact company:

Vivo Energy Ghana

Primary contact:

Veronica M.E. Mensah
Office: +233664636 ext.1177
Mobile: +233244615143 / +233204615143

Secondary contact:

Samson Annoh-Quarshie
Office: +233664636 ext.1147
Mobile: +233244312415

Vitol aviation contact:

Rupert Hone
Mobile: +41797202180

Airport fees:

Ghana (Accra)
i) Airfield royalty fee 1.020 usc/usg (fee charged by Ghana Airport Authorities on every litre of Jet-A1 sold at the tarmac)
ii) Export duty fee 7.570 usc/usg (fee charged by government customs & excise for every liter of jet a1 loaded from the refinery)
iii) Freight surcharge 5.188 usc/usg ( fee charges of transport haulage of Jet-A1 from the refinery to airport storage tank) controlled by NPA (National Petroleum Authority)