A leading participant in carbon markets

Delivering high quality, socially impactful carbon projects

19 years
operating across global carbon markets
>100m MT CO₂e
carbon credits delivered each year
90m MT CO₂e
Offset/removal initiatives supported: target 2030
CORSIA, EUAs, UKAs & Voluntary offsets
Broad product range

We have a strong trading presence across all main compliance markets and an extensive portfolio of carbon projects, from clean-burning renewable household fuels in Kenya to sustainable farming and rangeland rejuvenation in Southern Africa. With more than 19 years of experience, we make sizeable investments in low-carbon projects and provide reliable routes to market for high-quality carbon credits. Leveraging Vitol’s global reach and extensive energy knowledge we are able to offer a range of carbon offset and removal initiatives. Our offering includes voluntary and compliance environmental products as well as support for a range of global investments in decarbonising programmes.

Sustainable energy solutions

Vitol has committed more than $2 billion to sustainable solutions, such as renewables and carbon projects, delivering more than 100m MT CO2e  carbon, across a broad range of asset classes.

We are developing high-quality carbon reduction and removal projects across the globe, and are currently financing and supporting initiatives that will offset or remove more than 90m MT CO2e by 2030.

A close up of a jet engine being fulled.

A valued partner to the airline sector

Vitol Aviation supplies the industry’s leading brands, delivering jet fuel into wing at over 145 airports across the globe. As a valued partner to the airline sector, we are supporting its energy transition by investing in sustainable solutions alongside our participation in the CORSIA global offsetting scheme.

We invest in high quality socially impactful carbon projects with tangible co-benefits for people and the environment

Built into our trading model is a growing portfolio of carbon offset projects, with mature projects already in action across the globe.

Investing directly in a project is the best way to assure a project’s quality and optimise a project’s design. All of our projects are certified by leading voluntary offset standards ensuring our carbon credits are high-quality.


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