In a world first, Vitol has partnered with General Aviation Modifications Inc. to make unleaded 100 octane Aviation Gasoline (AvGas) commercially available.

The first unleaded 100 octane Aviation Gasoline (G100UL AvGas) is approved by the FAA for use in all certificated piston engines.

G100UL AvGas was developed by General Aviation Modifications Inc. and received fleetwide Supplemental Type Certification from the FAA in 2022. As a drop-in replacement for 100LL fuel, aircraft operators are able to use the fuel without any modification to their aircraft. G100UL AvGas can be mixed interchangeably with existing 100LL or approved fuels with less than 100 octane, making its immediate deployment to airports practicable.

Vitol Aviation Inc president John Addison said: “The aviation industry has been looking for commercial unleaded fuel options for a long time. We are delighted to be the first to offer commercially available G100UL AvGas to the entire US aviation market.”

Vitol-produced G100UL AvGas is available to any airport or aviation fuel distributor.

For more information contact or your fuel distributor.