Career profiles

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Aran Keable-Kinsella

Junior Futures Trader, LPG, Geneva

I initially joined the British Army in the Royal Logistics Corps after graduating from the University of Oxford with a Chemistry degree in 2013. I wanted to pursue a career that was both mentally stimulating and challenging, but after 4 years in the army I still found myself looking for something more.

Upon joining Vitol I worked as a commercial analyst on the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) desk with a mixture of brokers and physical operators. The team’s responsibility is to trade and move LPG around North West Europe, the Mediterranean and West Africa, alongside other offices to make sure our global strategy is as efficient as possible.

My day-to-day responsibilities included ensuring profit and loss accuracy for the team and carrying out analysis on transactions to understand the opportunities that are available as well as various other tasks that help the smooth running of operations. There is an emphasis on teamwork and there’s a real sense of collective responsibility for the decisions we make. Even as a junior member of the team I could take great pride in being integral to the desk’s decision making.

I learned a lot in my time on the team, both in regular formal training programmes and from my colleagues. I sat with the brokers and operators every day, which gave me a real understanding of the business as well as how they think. It’s definitely an immersive experience I don’t think you can get elsewhere.

Continual development is built into the culture here with lots of opportunities to progress into new roles. I am now a Junior Futures Trader based in Geneva, executing orders on behalf of the traders. We work to optimise the flow and are an important part of risk management for the company.

There is a sense that you get rewarded for what you put in and it is great motivation to have responsibility for your own growth and progress.

When not in the office I enjoy playing football and cycling.

Joey Bogaarts

Financial Operator, Gasoline, Rotterdam

Initially I served in the Royal Netherland Marine Corps for 8 years before working in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp (ARA) as a surveyor and then a client coordinator. I moved to Vitol because I had heard about the no nonsense way of working and the flat structure of the company. I’ve found that Vitol gives you the opportunity to work your way up and take on a variety of roles such as operations, financial work or contracts, which isn’t something you can get elsewhere. I now work as a financial operator with our brokers working in London and for ARA. We support the operations in Rotterdam and the financial operations for North West Europe and West Africa. Our entire team contributes to the bottom line of Vitol by seeking opportunities and executing all of the operations in the most cost efficient way.

My work is mainly the gasoline operations within ARA, handling the operations on our storage terminals, barge and vessel operations. For our other regions I handle contracts, the financial side of the deals such as invoicing, making payments and making sure all the insurance is in order to cover our liabilities.

I enjoy knowing that I’m covering all of a deal and not just seeing a small part of it, and working with colleagues from across the globe on a daily basis making my role very diverse and fun. When I’m not at my desk I spend as much time as possible with my family, trying to travel as much as possible and on the odd occasion I go windsurfing!

Joyce Ling

Trading/Marketing Manager, Coal, Singapore

After gaining a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, I spent some time at other commodities trading firms before joining Vitol in 2008. I initially joined as an operator, and I’m now a Trading Manager for the coal desk, which was a startup when I first joined. Now the team comprises marketing and trading personnel both on the physical and paper arena and operators to execute the physical business. I was interested in the challenge of establishing a new business and getting it up and running, building something you can call your own.

My job covers a wide range of roles and responsibilities including logistical operations and solving any operational issues. The commercial aspects include trying to work out potential arbitrage opportunities between origination of supply and delivery of product. This means I get to travel to some of the far reaches of the world to get to grips with market dynamics and the needs of our customers.

I enjoy being given the chance to build a business in its own right. Vitol has allowed me to develop many different aspects of myself. There is no clear structure on the job scope, which encourages employees to be creative and take ownership of work they like to pursue. My colleagues are simultaneously competitive and supportive but perhaps most importantly, entrepreneurial. Your career path is for you to decide and if there’s an opportunity to be had, you can take it.

Laura Baz

Investments Analyst, Investments, London

After a BA in Maths at the University of Oxford and an MSc in Finance from Imperial College Business School, I started out my career in investment banking as an analyst focusing on the Oil & Gas sector. Through my role I came to learn of Vitol as a market leader in the sector and sought to join the company.

I work in a fast-paced team that has very versatile responsibilities; primarily to find the best ways to deploy the company’s capital with a long-term perspective in mind. This leads to some very interesting questions, like thinking about what the world will look like in the future which is perhaps the most stimulating part of my role. Facing up to these questions makes every day different, as they require judgement and a strategic mind-set to anticipate changes in the industry.

Vitol is a great environment to develop in as you’re at the forefront of the industry, learning from the best in the business.

When I’m not in the office I enjoy food and travelling.

Leticia Hachuel

Global Account Manager, Vitol Aviation, London

After studying Mathematics and Statistics at the London School of Economics, I worked in Sub-Saharan Africa as a Business Development Manager covering assignments ranging from oil & gas upstream concession negotiations, to turnkey infrastructure projects in telecoms and healthcare. I travelled extensively throughout Africa, South America and Asia. I then decided to find out more about the trading side of the energy industry and joined Vitol as a Commercial Analyst on the distillates desk. After two years in this position I transitioned into a new role with Vitol Aviation and Vivo Energy and could not be happier.

I have something of a hybrid role, working as Global Account Manager of Vitol Aviation, selling jet fuel to more than 100 airlines at over 140 airports across the globe and managing the relationship with our African colleagues at Vivo Energy, to whom we supply distillate products for their network of around 220 service stations in over 20 countries.

Within Vitol Aviation we work with teams worldwide, from Houston to Australia, passing through Turkey and Africa. Coordinating all these different time zones is a permanent challenge, but definitely keeps us busy and on our toes. As interface with Vivo Energy, I get to travel to Africa on a regular basis to make sure our supply runs smoothly.

Vitol’s reputation in the industry is second-to-none. The company is made up of first class professionals, small and lean teams where only the best candidates are selected who get to work on truly global projects. With a flat structure that enables fast decisions and maximum efficiency, a multicultural identity and vast cross-sector experience, you are constantly learning.

There are so many reasons why I wanted to join Vitol. The charisma of the company, the people I interact with, the opportunities I get to work on, the fast pace of my day-to-day job, travelling around the world. Vitol is always working on new exciting projects and there are new challenges every day.

Qi Song

Physical Operator, Natural Gas, Houston

I joined Vitol in 2010 after completing an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in Texas. I joined an oil major after completing the MBA where I worked as a Financial Operation Analyst and after spending four years there I moved to Vitol to become an Operations Analyst for natural gas and power. Prior to joining I was aware of Vitol’s reputation both as a sector leader and as a very rewarding place to work.

As a natural gas operator, I support natural gas trading desks by providing the most up to date and relevant information on pipelines, maintaining strong relationships with partners and clients, and managing pipeline related activities. The team itself is a mix of traders, operators and analysts.

My previous roles have really helped me add value to my role today, as my knowledge of back office processes has helped me improve efficiencies in operations. I enjoy the dynamism of the role; with the markets changing constantly there’s always new things to learn. Vitol’s culture has an emphasis on excellence and everyone strives to be the best they can be. The thing I look forward to most here is always a new and challenging day.

When I’m not in work I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.