Blueknight Energy Partners, L.P

In November 2009, Vitol, Inc. acquired a 100% interest in SemGroup Energy Partners G.P., LLC and 12.6 million subordinated units in SemGroup Energy Partners, L.P. (SGLP) from Manchester Securities Corp., a security brokerage firm. From December 1st 2009, the business was re-named Blueknight Energy Partners,L.P.

The assets of Blueknight Energy partners include a crude oil storage terminal in Cushing, Oklahoma and associated pipeline facilities, other pipeline and gathering systems in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, along with 46 asphalt terminal facilities located across 23 states in the US.

A more detailed description of the assets:

* storage capacity equivalent to 15 million barrels
* 6.8 million barrels’ storage capacity within the Cushing Interchange, one of the largest crude oil marketing hubs in the US
* 1,280 miles of pipeline
* 200+ crude oil transport trucks
* 100+ producer field services trucks
* 46 liquid asphalt cement terminals and storage facilities across 23 states.

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