...to where it is needed

When massive Mediterranean swells caused Algeria’s Arzew-Bethioua port to close down, supplies of LPG to Western Europe were threatened. Our ability to take on tough physical trading challenges meant that we were able to supply a region extending from southern France to eastern Poland by transporting LPG in rail cars over the Alps.


Ours is primarily a physical distribution business and one that operates on a truly global scale. We identify imbalances between supply and demand and we act quickly and safely to restore the equilibrium.

We are not speculators on absolute price movements. Nor do we expose ourselves or our customers to unnecessary risks. Rather, we use our worldwide reach, local understanding and experience to anticipate change, marshal resources and deliver innovative, effective and reliable logistics solutions.

Our principal responsibility is to our customers; we are able to think fast and act decisively. Vitol is a broadly based group of complementary businesses and we have the systems, people and flexibility to make intelligent connections, optimise economies of scale and create external partnerships every bit as enduring and open as their internal counterparts.

We move energy from where it is sourced and stored...

We move energy from where it is sourced and stored...

125m tonnes of crude oil sales in 2013

5m+ over 5m barrels of crude oil and products traded every day by Vitol