Vitol Foundation

The Vitol Group first began making charitable grants in 2002 with the aim of enabling children living in deprivation to reach their potential in life.  The Vitol Foundation goals are aligned with the core values that have made Vitol a world leader in the energy business: flexibility to change, a willingness to take risks, speed in responding when needed, optimising the power of partnerships, as well as leveraging the Group’s global reach and local understanding.

We support projects that fall under four programme areas critical to a child’s development:  Health; ‘WASH’ (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene); Education; and Livelihoods. Building on the lessons learned through this broad approach over the last decade, we now aim to increase the impact of the Foundation by making fewer but larger investments in exemplary projects with the following goals:

  • To fund transformational, efficient, sustainable, scalable and replicable investments in development
  • To support and strengthen government, private sector and community systems to provide sustainable health, WASH, education and employment opportunities
  • To learn from actively seeking out the best and the brightest, wherever they may be
  • To share models of evidence based best practice that can be scaled by government, private sector and/or communities
  • To expand engagement and leverage the knowledge base of the Vitol group worldwide

The Vitol Foundation does not take unsolicited applications.We source new investments through recommendations from experts, donors and other partners, suggestions from Vitol staff and through detailed research by the Foundation team.